Getting Laser Engraver Machine

A) Engraving rubber board with regard to paper box printing.
Many laser engraver can cast on rubber board, it really is unnecessary for you for you to choose multifunctional together with rapid machine, because first of all, almost all function can be applied; secondly, speedier speed, a lot more low engraved depth, can not meet the demand of printing.
Recommend: pay for suitable laser model for engraving rubber aboard, along with low price and fast give back.

B) Decoration craftwork.
Best laser engravers can dash craftwork plus purchase is based upon software.
Engraving bamboo, wooden, and notion: small device, just like size of 300*400mm, with low price and substantial precision. Engraving wood made box and wine container: level of 500*70mm and 600*900mm, with up and straight down working family table for longer box to become put inside.
Engraving bamboo: scale 500x700mm and 600x900mm, using upwards and down working table plus rotating unit.
Decoration big wood: size of 600*900mm, together with up together with down working table, and open through front and even back door for positioning large wooden board.
Engraving new year card: over all size of 500*700mm and 600*900mm, with working table intended for cutting, and even fast speed for report not become burnt during doing the job procedure.

C) Cutting polymer-bonded.
Many laser engravers can trim polymer-bonded, but it ersus better for you to use special laserlight slicing machine, of which the optimized design is definitely specialized in cutting in addition to cutting effect is very fine. máy cắt laser inox giá rẻ If you insist in acquiring common laser decoration appliance, it s very required to buy the unit with blade shape doing the job table.
Note: don big t believe 60w or 80w laser strength can cut 20mm acrylic, it can be impossible. Even the polymer-bonded is cut through, the advantage is incredibly awful.
Usual value is: 60w laser power can cut 8-10mm acrylic, 80w laser power can trim 8-15mm acrylic.